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Connect children to healthy food and nature

Educate our children in self sufficiency and nutrition

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Please meet Avah, a 2nd grader from Southern Bluffs who attended a summer school class called Inspire..Explore..Create, held in the GROW Spence School Garden. Because of you and generous donors like you, this class offered lessons in planting, weeding, harvesting and tasting of the garden. Avah was fully engaged enjoying tending the space and eating vegetables straight from the garden.

As the summer class came to a close, Avah was wondering why her school did not have a garden. Ms. Kristy, one of the teachers, explained that it takes committed and passionate individuals to get school gardens off the ground.

And Avah decided she wanted to be one of those individuals.

The inspired girl began drawing garden plans and helped organize a meeting with her principal at Southern Bluffs. Representatives from GROW, Avah's mom, Avah and the principal attended the meeting. And, once staff at the school is informed and involved, a new garden should be planted thanks to the efforts of one dedicated child. Since then, GROW has also hired an AmeriCorps member who will be able to offer some free lessons to interested schools just hoping to try them to see if garden education works for their school.

And, interest in our programs is now obvious - GROW having taught our 1,000th lesson during 2018!