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Support connecting youth to healthy food and nature in 2024

When given the opportunity to get their hands dirty while engaged in seed-to-table learning students lead the way to a healthier future.

$10,760 raised

$8,000 goal

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GROW is a nonprofit with a mission to connect youth to healthy food and nature through hands-on seed to table garden education to nourish growing minds and bodies.

We have great things planned for 2024.

Today your support will help us:
• Expand field trips to our state of the art greenhouse, in hopes of teaching 1,000+ students about different food growing systems, sustainability and environmental stewardship.
• Teach high quality hands-on garden lessons to 3,000+ students at nine local schools.
• Host four weeks of farm camp at Deep Roots Community farm providing an immersive nature experience focused on the science and biology of life on the farm.
• Provide additional educational experiences to connect youth and families to healthy food such as the Kids Cooking Challenges, Open Gardens and summer school programs.
• Deliver fresh locally grown produce to the school lunch programs.

The work we do is impactful and meaningful.

“As a parent of three children who were fortunate to have GROW lessons I have seen the positive impact first hand. After a garden taste test my pickiest eater came home from school and asked if we could get spinach for smoothies - wow! In my role with GROW I have had the chance to watch children light up when they make observations in the gardens or taste a carrot for the first time. I have heard classroom teachers express what a hard day their students were having until they came to the garden. The magic of spending time in nature while connecting students to their food through seed-to-table learning is real. I support GROW for wellbeing of the children in our community." Bonnie Martin, GROW Communication and Outreach Coordinator, Parent and PTO Leader.

When GROW started with one garden site in 2012 we hoped to continue to serve more children. And that we have done. The ways we plan serve our community in our 12th year are ambitious and energizing.

Thank you for being a part of growing our mission!

It is only through generous giving from donors like you that we are able to provide students with unique learning opportunities. With the support of our community and the addition of our greenhouse space we look forward to expanding seed to table programming and growing local fresh food year round. Please consider donating to quality hands-on garden lessons, farm, and urban greenhouse experiences.

Your donation will make an impact on the lives of the youth we serve. Your support covers the cost of: $50 = 1 student 1 year of garden lessons, $100 = 1 whole class 1 garden lesson, $300 = 1 whole class 1 season of lessons, $600 = 1 class 1 year of lessons, $1250 2 classes 1 year of lessons, $2500 4 classes 1 year of lessons, $5000 8 classes 1 year of lessons.

Thank you from all of us at GROW and the students who will experience a connection to healthy food and nature because of your generosity.